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14 Joel.
10 Benji.
1 Joel/Tony
1 Benji/Tony
3 Billy.
1 Paul.
1 Paul/Benji
2 Paul/Billy
1 Billy/Joel
3 Twin.

1 Joel

1 Joel/Billy

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"Good Charlotte Makes Me Want To Dance Naked"

Interests:punk rock, guitar
Reason(s) Why You Like Good Charlotte: lyrics, sound, they saved me
Other Bands You Love: sp, lp, slipknot,
How Many Times You've Seen Good Charlotte Live: about 18
What You Like Most About Yourself:
my hair
What Was Joel's Movie Debut? fat albert
Which Instrument Did Paul Play First? trumpet or trumbone
What Are Joel and Benji's Nicknames? sickboy and kid vicious
What Is The Bonus Track On "Good Charlotte"? thank you mom
What Album(s) Did Chris Drum For? chronicles
Paste links to three places you promoted banners: my 2 sites, neopets
Who Is the Youngest Member Of Good Charlotte?chris
Why Does Benji Claim To Wear A Bandana Around His Face? so wen he messes up nobody sees him laughing
How Many Of Good Charlotte's Albums Have Two Versions? 1 not including the duel disc
Which Member Of Good Charlotte Has A Special Hug? paul "paul hug" i got 1.
Who Sings On 'Gravity Girl'? lola ray
When was Colin drummer? be 4 paul n billy n chris
What Promise Did Benji Make Record Labels In Hopes Of Getting Signed? now u can sign us 4 cheaper.
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LJ Housekeeping!

I'm doing some LJ Housekeeping and doing a Friends Cut and leaving communities that I don't post in...and this one is one I don't post in.

Not because I don't want to...just because I was never given an accepted/rejected stamp.

If someone could tell me if I'm accepted or not, it'd be greatly appreciated, so I know whether or not to leave this community.