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Good Charlotte Fanatics

extreme obsession-ists?

true good charlotte fanatics
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Layout by vampireofdoom
Alright kids. Here is the place for us to reign. Us, of course, being the true Good Charlotte fans. Me, gc4ljoel and vampireofdoom are the head honchos here. Here are the rules.

-once joined, you must post your application within a day or two or you are deleted.
-post photos
-post icons, banners
-post news or updates
-rate new members applications

-gossip. It's THEIR lives not ours. Any posts promoting gossip will be deleted
-be mean
-post anything NOT under an lj-cut
-type like a moron


*note: i love all these boys. these are intended as humor*

To apply to this community
here's what you do. Remember, the first
and second parts of the quiz are equal
so be yourself.

Goes under an LJ cut with "Good Charlotte Makes Me Want To Dance Naked" in the subject field
Reason(s) Why You Like Good Charlotte:
Other Bands You Love:
How Many Times You've Seen Good Charlotte Live:
What You Like Most About Yourself:

What Was Joel's Movie Debut?
Which Instrument Did Paul Play First?
What Are Joel and Benji's Nicknames?
What Is The Bonus Track On "Good Charlotte"?
What Album(s) Did Chris Drum For?
Paste links to three places you promoted banners:
Who Is the Youngest Member Of Good Charlotte?
Why Does Benji Claim To Wear A Bandana Around His Face?
How Many Of Good Charlotte's Albums Have Two Versions?
Which Member Of Good Charlotte Has A Special Hug?
Who Sings On 'Gravity Girl'?
When was Colin drummer?
What Promise Did Benji Make Record Labels In Hopes Of Getting Signed?

You'll know you are accepted or rejected when you see either a banner reading ACCEPTED or REJECTED. If rejected, you have a second chance, but you may use it only a month after first applying. And that's all..